Mindful Transformation

Change is permanent and most of the time, we don’t even notice. Only when change is requiring resources for adjustment we become aware. Sometimes, we get distressed because we are not aware of early cues of distress, and/or we don’t have the resources available that we need for coping.

Mindfulness helps us increasing our interoceptive awareness facilitated through the insular cortex region. The more in tune and aware we are of our bodily sensations, the better we are able to detect the arising and co-emerging sensations.

Did you know that there are always and with every thought (aware or unaware) co-emerging sensations? They are deeply stored in our system associated with emotions that we often can’t describe, or they are too intense that we feel we can approach them.

That is why we have developed an adaptive (to avoid or to fight) system that keeps us safe in the moment, but it may not serve us in the long run. Avoiding or fighting change causes greater difficulty to let be and eventually let go of. It keeps us trapped and prevents us from discovering a different way of being.

Mindfulness can help you learning this different way of being. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it is easy. But it is possible. Combined with self-compassion, you will be able to step out of the cage and liberate yourself to the good.

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