Commit to Mindful Living

How did you transition into 2021? Did you get a chance to do this in a mindful way? And what did that mean ‘transition in a mindful way’ to you? Let me share what I did and how it echoed into this fresh new year.

Originally, I’d planned to take part in a mindfulness insight retreat with a very well known Dharma teacher. I was registered and all set up for the online retreat. And then, on the the first day I had to pull out due to some unexpected event. Disappointment passed through the sky of awareness and freed up some new space.

I ended up taking part in a short introduction Thai Chi course. Seven days, 5 minute practice – no big deal. It was a very interesting exploration of the standing pillar and its imprint as well as its inner sensations of movement. Here I was, expecting to learn a Thai Chi routine and being surprised that this course was not about it at all, however. I loved it – the daily practice and the impact of this five-minute insight-way of being worked. This short course was finished on NY and set the foundation and intention for this coming year. My intention COMMIT TO MINDFUL LIVING and MINDFUL ACTION arose from within, from this stable and balance stand. Grounded, rooted and confident.

Mindful Living and Action include regular meditation practice, frequent in-depth insight work and the sharing of my experience with a wider community. After five days of an online silent retreat with two amazing Dharma teachers, Cindy Ricardo and Piero Falci I felt very grounded, calm and inspired. I have had the opportunity to explore the qualities of awakening and was amazed at how much clarity, energy, awareness, wisdom, joy and equanimity arose out of investigation from within. A deep sense of gratitude, appreciation and privilege was felt inside my mind and body. It was like both, mind and body were fully connected.

A very dear friend of mine asked me the other day ‘why do you want to bring your light to the world’?. A question that I carried into the retreat and although I wasn’t searching for an answer, it poured out of me in this very moment were everything felt connected with no boundaries – out of this sense of pure oneness.

And from this place I know that even ‘just’ sitting here, meditating and cultivating this way of being offers so much to the world. It is my contribution to let everyone shine and warm everyone g with my light from inside.

And what is your light? Community is so very important and it can only exist peacefully if everyone learns to own their experience and who is willing to contribute. That it is not so easy, but the good news is it can be learned. Let’s explore this together.

Be well.

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