The many faces of Mindfulness – Poetry

By actively engaging in mindfulness and staying present in the moment, I have experienced a greater sense of non-judgment and awareness. Through practices like meditation, movement, and even reading or writing poetry, I have been able to better understand myself, my behavior, and my emotional reactions, allowing me to become more responsive and resilient. Poetry, in particular, has helped me to hone my awareness of my thoughts and feelings, and explore themes such as non-attachment, acceptance, and purpose. Even something as simple as a walk on the beach can be turned into a moment of mindfulness and equanimity, as I discovered this morning.”

Poetry by the Sea – A morning encounter of beauty, inspiration, love, connection and wisdom – A morning encounter of beauty, inspiration, love, connection and wisdom

This morning, I was greeted by a stunning blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. The rising sun intensified the blue color, creating a strong contrast against the white clouds. A gentle breeze cooled the rising heat and caressed my skin, filling my body with warmth. My mind was fully aware, calm, and present as I sat, stood, and walked on the beach. The sand felt soft and gentle under my feet, providing a firm support. The sound of the ocean was rhythmic, with moments of silence in between. As I walked, I felt connected to nature and arrived at each step, leaving a gentle imprint on the sand. Along the way, I came across letters written in the sand, forming words and sentences that expressed love. I was struck by the artistry and effort that went into creating this display on the beach. My heart filled with joy as I read the quote and wondered who had left it for me to find.


As I took in the beauty of this moment and felt deeply grateful, I was glad that I had chosen to walk with the intention of “kissing the earth with my feet.” Without this mindset, I may not have noticed the poetry on the beach. Many people walked by, seemingly preoccupied with their thoughts and not fully present in nature. I, on the other hand, was fully immersed in the experience of walking and feeling the soft sand beneath my feet, knowing that my footprints would soon be gently washed away by the ocean. It was as if the ocean itself was kissing the earth.

‘Poetry is an act of peace. Peace goes into the making of a poet as flour goes into the making of bread’ – Pablo Neruda

As I reached the end of the written quote on the sand, I noticed an elderly man standing there with a bamboo writing stick in one hand and a camera in the other. He was wearing a hat, a t-shirt, and shorts, and it was clear that he was the creator of this beautiful gesture. His compassionate voice and curious eyes made it easy to connect with him, and we chatted about his art on the beach, the motivation behind it, and the theme of grief and loss. We also watched as the sea claimed back parts of the beach, washing away the letters and words he had written. We both agreed that this was a great opportunity to practice letting go and to celebrate the ever-changing elements of nature.


Geoff’s loving efforts and creations certainly made a difference to a few lives this morning, including mine. It was an enriching encounter that continued to have a lasting impact on my mind and heart throughout the day


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