MBCT Online

Hello everyone,

This is Regina and I am so excited about teaching the MBCT course online.

What a great opportunity to meet you all in this digital space for learning, relating and forming a sangha (community) for support and encouragement. I am very passionate about people’s general and mental health and their wellbeing and therefore, I am inviting you to become part of this program if you are experiencing difficulty with depression and anxiety.

I have taught many Mindfulness-Based Programs like MBCT and MBSR, either face-to-face or online. What is quite unique about this program is that it will be delivered face-to-face online every week. All teachings will take place in this space, and it will also offer you an opportunity to meet other individuals with similar experiences.

I strongly believe offering this online course is for all who might be living in remote or regional areas as well as for those who prefer to learn in their familiar home environments.

Please consider this program as a direct contribution to your wellbeing and general health, and seeing your participation as an act of self-care and love.

No matter where you are located, far away or close by, may you gain a sense of connection and community by taking part in this online program.



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