All Parts Are Welcome – Poetry

This poem is the outcome of collaborating with courageous and brave individuals who wholeheartedly embrace their internal systems. Despite being uncertain about what lies ahead, they are uncovering numerous opportunities for personal growth and restoration. “AN ODE TO UNITE” also serves as an expression of gratitude for my privilege of accompanying clients along their unique journeys.

It highlights the roles of parts (protectors, firefighters, and exiles) within the soul, emphasising the possibility for integration and unity. The power of the Self as a guide and healer calling for the orchestra to come together to create a symphony of wholeness and peace. Recognising and embracing all parts of ourselves in order to create a melody that brings strength and peace to the human being in this ongoing concert of the soul can be very liberating.

To me, poetry is a great way to help individuals access and express their emotions. Often, people struggle to articulate their feelings, particularly when they are complex or overwhelming. And I see many benefits of using poetry in sessions. It can provide a safe and creative outlet to explore and process emotions, and it allows deeper insight into our inner landscape.

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