Stepping out of clock time

What does the Insight Meditation session offer?

The retreat day offers a valuable chance to gain deeper understanding of the fleeting nature of our mental and physical states. Through utilizing techniques such as MBSR, MBCT, MSC, MiCBT, and mindfulness, participants will have the opportunity to expand upon their mindfulness-based practices beyond formal programs.

The retreat aims to aid individuals in cultivating mindfulness in all aspects of their lives, emphasizing the importance of being present and non-doing in each moment. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, participants will be encouraged to approach all experiences, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, with openness.

Each exercise presents an opportunity to develop equanimity and it is important to keep this in mind when engaging with one’s experience in the moment. It is not necessary to be a highly skilled meditator or to exert excessive effort, rather, by adhering to certain principles, individuals can cultivate a sense of equanimity.

Why should I attend?

This immersive day presents a valuable chance to attend to one’s personal well-being, delving into the experience of non-action. It serves as an occasion for simply being with the constantly evolving present moment and its nuances. The day of mindfulness is a unique opportunity to break away from the distractions of daily life and attentively observe what arises, attentively noting the quality of engagement with this ever-changing experience. Throughout the day, one has the opportunity to non-judgmentally dwell within the shifting landscape of the mind.

How is this day structured?

The day of mindfulness serves as a comprehensive guide, leading one through various mindfulness meditation techniques, including seated meditation, ambulatory meditation, and mindful movement. During the course of the day, various meditations will be introduced with preliminary instructions, followed by a period of silent practice.

Why silence?

The day of mindfulness is often referred to as a “silent retreat day” due to the emphasis on silence throughout the experience. This aspect of the retreat encourages participants to abstain from socializing or initiating contact with others during the course of the day. The practice of silence should be regarded as both a personal gift and an act of generosity towards oneself and others. The reduction of verbal and nonverbal communication, such as less eye contact, allows for deeper introspection and a reduction of external distractions that may interfere with the mindfulness experience.

The practicing community (sangha) and can I bring a friend?

This day of mindfulness is geared towards individuals who are already practicing mindfulness, seeking to reconnect with or reinvigorate their mindfulness skills, or desiring to spend a day in an environment of guided and unguided silent meditations. It is possible to attend the retreat with a friend, partner, or family member, however, they must have completed an MBSR/MBCT/MSC/MiCBT/MBP program or have extensive experience with mindfulness meditation. It is important to note that this retreat is not intended as an introduction to mindfulness and requires advanced skills and the capability to partake in silent meditation with guidance.

How to set up for this online retreat?

  • Water
  • A Mug for tea/coffee
  • Lunch: please note there is no lunch catering, no fridge; please bring vegetarian meal only.
  • Bring mats, cushions, blankets, or any other items to help in your practice. There are chairs too in case you prefer to sit on a chair.
  • Sun cream, umbrella (or rain coat just in case), sun glasses (will do walking meditation outdoors).
  • Comfortable clothes, wear loose fitting clothes, perhaps bring socks as temperatures may fluctuate.

Where do I go?

Venue: Online

When should I arrive?

Please allow yourself to arrive between 9:20 am and 9.25 am. We start on the dot at 9:30 am.

Can I speak upon arrival?

Of course. Also, take your shoes off before entering the meditation hall. Setup your meditation seat.

What if I struggle?

There will be a chat box on zoom where you can leave a note for the mindfulness teacher. Lunch time can be used for check-in with the teacher.

May you enjoy this day with kindness and compassion.

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