Mindful Transformation

Change is a permanent aspect of life, and most of the time, we don’t even notice it happening. It is only when change requires us to adjust and use up our resources that we become aware of it. Sometimes, we become distressed when we are not aware of the early signs of distress, or when we don’t have the necessary resources to cope with it.

Mindfulness can help us increase our awareness of our bodily sensations through the interoceptive awareness facilitated by the insular cortex region of the brain. The more attuned we are to our bodily sensations, the better we are able to detect the emerging sensations that arise.

Did you know that there are always accompanying sensations that emerge with every thought, whether we are aware of them or not? These sensations are deeply stored in our system and are often associated with emotions that we can’t describe or that are too intense for us to approach.

To protect ourselves in the moment, we often develop an adaptive system that helps us avoid or fight change. While this can be helpful in the short term, it may not serve us in the long run. Avoiding or fighting change can make it more difficult to let go and can keep us trapped, preventing us from discovering a different way of being.

Mindfulness can help you learn this different way of being, although it may not be easy. By combining mindfulness with self-compassion, you can step out of the cage and liberate yourself towards the good.

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